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Université Adventiste Cosendai, BP 401, Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Nganing Mbende Jacques Yves, DMin


Personal Information

  • DATE OF BIRTH: 12 February 1974
  • SEX: Male
  • MARITAL STATUS : Married
  • RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: Seventh-Day Adventist Church (baptized on August 4, 1989)
  • DATE OF ENDORSEMENT AS CHAPLAIN: 31st October 2016, at Abidjan, WAD
  • NATIONALITY: Cameroonian


  • CEPE 1987: Ecole publique de Bonamouang, Douala
  • BEPC 1992: Lycée d’akwa nord: Douala
  • PROBATOIRE 1997: Lycée bilingue de Ngaoundere
  • BACCALAUREAT A4 ESPAGNOL, Philosophie-Lettres 1998: Lycée bilingue de Ngaoundere.
  • B. A. Theology, 2002: Université Adventiste Cosendai de Nanga-Eboko, Cameroun. Projet de Recherche : « Effet matthieu : lumières épistémologiques et implications évangéliques ».
  • M.A. Pastoral Theology, 2009: Adventist University of Africa, Kenya. Title of the research work: “Regaining Former Seventh-Day Adventist Members in West-Cameroon Mission”.
  • Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Mission, 2017: Adventist University of Africa, Kenya. Title of the thesis: “Development of Spiritual Care Model of Medical Evangelism in Buea Adventist Hospital, Cameroon”.

Other Trainings

  • First Aid, Cameroon Red Cross
  • Investigator and Trainer used by the Cameroon National Committee for the Fight against HIV-AIDS

Online Certifications

Professional Experience

  • September 1999-June 2002 : Part time Spanish Teacher, Nanga-Eboko Secondary School.
  • September 2002-January 2003 : Volunteer, Bonaberi, Douala
  • February 2003-January 2005 : Intern and church pastor Buea, Mile 16,Yoke
  • February 2005-October 2005 : District Leader Fako : Limbe
  • October 2005-February 2007 : District Leader Meme : Kumba
  • March 2007-January 2008 : District Leader Bonaberi : Douala
  • February 2008- March 2009 : Local church Pastor. Dschang and Mbouda
  • August 2009- To present (April 2021): Senior Lecturer in the Theology Department. Universite Adventiste Cosendai. Cameroon.


  1. February 2003-October 2005: Director of the Youths and Chaplaincy departments, West Cameroon Mission.
  2. March 2007-January 2008: Director of the Publishing department of the West Cameroon Mission.
  3. August 2009- To present (April 2021): University Head Chaplain.
  4. May 2011- September 2014: University Church Pastor
  5. June 2017- September 2019: University Church Pastor
  6. January 2016- September 2019: Dean Faculty of Theology.
  7. September 2018- September 2019: University Vice President in charge of Students Affairs.

Research and Publications

  1. Examens Scolaires : Comment Garder Son Calme. Yves Mbende (Imprimerie Adventiste, Yaoundé, 2010). (a book with no ISBN)
  2. The Gospel, Music and the Minister: How Can a Minister Ensures Church Music Conveys the Gospel’s Message? Yves Mbende (Valley View University, Accra Ghana, 2011). A presentation during a conference for Theologians in WAD.
  3. Soins Spirituels et Impact sur l’Optimisation des performances en Soins Infirmiers. (follow this link: Soins Spirituels aux Malades et Impact sur l’Optimisation des … – SIDIIEF Performances en S.I.. Jacques Yves NGANING MBENDE. M.A. Théologie Pastorale. ) A presentation made at Geneva, Switzerland. May, 2012.
  4. Le Soin Spirituel : Une Panacée pour la Santé de la Personne Agée ? (Presented on a duo conference with Prof Généviève Aurouze (Collonges, France) during the congress on the elderly people at the Yaounde Congress Palace, Cameroon, 2013).
  5. Appréhensions sur les Soins Spirituels aux Personnes Agées par les Etudiants en Sciences Infirmières de l’Université Adventiste Cosendai. (Presented during the same above congress. Yaounde Congress Palace, Cameroon, 2013).
  6. Healing as a Tool for Discipleship in the Bible: A Missiological Perspective by Jacques Yves N. Mbende (Journal of Adventist Mission Studies, Andrews University, USA, 2015).
  7. La Santé, trésor inestimable. (Secretariat des Infirmiers et Infirmières de l’Espace Francophone : SIDIIEF). A presentation made at Bordeaux, France. Yves Mbende, (follow this link:
  8. Job: Suffering or Providence? Daily meditations in the perspective of spiritual care to the sick by Jacques Yves Nganing Mbende, 2018. ISBN: 978-620-2-48286-8
  9. De l’opportunité d’une emphase sur l’intégration des soins spirituels aux malades Jacques Yves Nganing Mbende (Servir, Collonges Adventist University, France, 2020).
  10. Co-writer, WAD book on the church response to the prosperity gospel: author of the chapter “Prosperity and the Great Controversy” Dr Yves Mbende. Editor, Prof Daniel Bediako.
  11. Contributor, 10 daily meditations on WAD Devotional by the Publishing department, 2020.
  12. Contributor, Entries for the SDA Biblical-Theological Dictionary: star, stealing, storm, surety, sword, sychar. Dr Yves Mbende (an on going WAD BRC project)